Simplify Radicals (Self-Check)

I’m trying to create a screen where I ask students to simplify root 72 for example.

I’ve been looking around, and this is what I have so far:

problem = Question1
answer = Question1.numericValue <=8.49 and Question1.numericValue>8.48
and countNumberUsage(Question1.latex,6)=1 and countNumberUsage(Question1.latex,2)=1

studentAnswer = problem.

content: when (studentAnswer = answer and problem.submitted) “Your answer is correct!”
when (problem.submitted) “Hmm. Not correct.”
otherwise “”

But I’m getting an error message at content.


Actually, I figuret it out, never mind! :slight_smile:

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answer” is a Boolean and “problem” appears to be a component as far as I can tell. Try:

content: when answer and problem.submitted "Your answer is correct!"...