Typing a correct answer

My question for students is simplify (6-sqrt6)/(sqrt6 +4)

I want to type a code that says when they get a correct answer of -sqrt(6) +3 they get a correct and anything else says try again.
I’ve been trying for hours and this is all i got from google.HELP!!!

Something like this should work:

value = numericValue("-\sqrt{6}+3")

correct = input.numericValue=value and countNumberUsage(input.latex, 6)=1 and countNumberUsage(input.latex, 3)=1 and countNumberUsage(input.latex)=2

feedback = when input.submitted and correct "Great job!"
when input.submitted and not(correct) "Try again."
otherwise ""

Then you can set your content.

content: "Directions to the problem./n/n${feedback}"

Basically what’s happening here is we are checking to see if the answer is equal to the input, but also counting the number of 6s and 3s in the input. If you don’t do that, the student could enter any equivalent expression and still be marked correct.