Match the Graph activity - help with slides 7-11

Hi all

I’m working on this activity that I inherited from a colleague. The first few slides work perfectly, but I can’t figure out how to change slides 7-11. What I want students to be able to do is to play with transformations to change the parent function to match the given graph. In the first half of the activity, f(x) is used - so students are writing things like g(x) = 2f(x-1)+3. This works fine. But in the second half I want them to use the actual function: g(x) = 2|x-1|+3.

I figured out the way to change the parameters is by clicking on the graph (not in the code), but I don’t know what to change.

Can anyone help? I’m hoping to use this activity on Wed 1011/23.


The graph was a bit complicated for me to parse… I made an alternative way to check for correctness in slide 7 - see if that works for your purposes. It’s connected to the parent function and values you have in the original folder, so just changing that will be enough and you don’t need to necessarily change anything in the correctness folder. [Copy of] [Copy of] CC 2 Function Transformation 2022-2023 • Activity Builder by Desmos

Also, I made a set of editable repeated practice and single problem templates for transformation that you may find useful. [Copy of] Parent Functions: Translation & Transformation • Activity Builder by Desmos

Thank you Daniel. I’m not sure why the link I copied keeps taking me back to my colleague’s original activity, but the actual activity I’m trying to do is an edited version. I THINK (hope!) this link connects to the right thing finally.

Looking at your new slides, I think what I did on slide 7 of the original activity does what you ask. Or am I not understanding what you want it to do?

Hi Daniel

Yes! Those did work for the 2nd half of my activity. Thank you so much!

I noticed there was bad code in the original activity for the first set of slides, and no green check is able to be displayed. I’d like for the activity to be consistent, if possible. Is there any way you can help me with slides 1-5 so they do a similar thing to slides 7-11, but this time using f(x) instead of the actual parent function?

If not, that’s ok - the slides do work as is, just not as nicely as the 2nd half of the activity.

Thank you SO MUCH for your help. I would be lost without your help. :slight_smile:

That’s actually trickier to do, but handily there was a recent post with a solution to this. I took that code and modified it to fit your activity, in screen 1: [Copy of] Function Transformation Match • Activity Builder by Desmos You just need to go into the graph itself and change the parent function and transformation function lines.

You are amazing! I really appreciate your help.

I’ve changed the slides to be the correct function, but I’m struggling with slide 4 - it isn’t giving me a check mark. Again, if you aren’t able to help me out, I can run the activity without it - the major things are there. But I would love to have this part right.

Oh yeah, it’s because I was using test values for X from -2 to 4 which is out of the domain. So I just set that to 5 to 10. Sorry, didn’t think of that before. I also edited the viewport values - if you want them to be able to see a scale of 1, I find that the graph needs to go from -8.5 to 8.5. [Copy of] Function Transformation Match • Activity Builder by Desmos

Oh my heavens - this is possibly the most beautiful Desmos activity I’ve ever seen! You have gone above and beyond for me, and I’m so grateful. :slight_smile: Have a wonderful week.

If anyone wants to borrow it, here is the final link.

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