Regular submit button doesn't work?

Since yesterday my submit buttons doesn’t seem to be working and it’s not dark blue showing that you can click on it. The input does seem to still be saved on my points table. It’s just un-nerving to have a button displayed but not be able to click on it. There’s zero CL I’ve added to it. Just 3 math input boxes.

Does it enable when you fill out all three inputs?

It seems to be working now. Just like the students and teachers, it’s ready for X-mas break. Thanks, take care and Happy Holidays.

Good to know. If it ever breaks again, feel free to file a bug report with us and we can take a look for you.

I am not sure if this is a bug but the first of the submit buttons on this screen does not work (is shaded as if there is no input). Is there a reason for that?

Neither does the submit for the textbox.

I’m going by a very hazy memory here the stacking seems to mess with things from time to time. Definitely a bug.

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Thank you for responding. When you said “stacking,” I rearranged the components and now it works as intended (I added the screen as a second slide to the above activity). Thank you!

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