Math Keyboard Button in Tables

I was wondering if there was a way to disable the math keyboard buttons in table cells. When my students go to type in the cells the math keyboard button covers their cursor and they can’t see what they are typing. Here is an example of a warm-up I did that has the problem. Everything functions, but the button is in an inconvenient place in the cells.

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If you change the table columns to Format as text, this will make the little keyboard button disappear. It will still calculate your values correctly. You will need to do it for each column.

Hey Robert! That’s a known issue and something we’re looking into a solution for. Thanks for the report!

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Hi Jay. Any update on this issue? I’m struggling with the same thing. Formatting as text isn’t always a great option.

Our product team is looking into different design options but don’t have anything deliverable at the moment.

Okay, thank you. Appreciate the quick reply.

If I may suggest something here for the developers, try implementing instances of popper.js for tooltips, etc.