Time to "calculate" marking answers incorrect?

I’ve been building random problem generators for student HW/practice for the last year, and every so often, one student might ask a question about why their answer is marked incorrect (when it actually is correct). After a year, I think I finally figured out why and it may be related to Desmos background calculation speed and how fast students are submitting their answers.

Here’s a short video describing the issue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1blqpGBh_OYrlujqOtEFpgTLNdFBBzR0i/view
Copy of the activity here: [Copy of] [M7A] Unit 2 LT 1 HW Check • Activity Builder by Desmos

Let me know if there are any workarounds that I could use to “disable” the enter key to act as a button press or a way to disable the button completely for the first 500 milliseconds or something upon changing the input

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I was looking at my video one more time and it looks like when the enter key is pressed really quickly, the button has an issue capturing. (studentslopeh and student yinth are lastvalue variables and they appear as NaN when the enter key is pressed quickly)

Hey Richard! Before making any major changes to the activity, you could try disabling submit when the variables are undefined. If that doesn’t work we can dig in to the CL and see if there’s a way to make it update a little quicker.

Hey Jay,
Thanks for the super quick reply.
Nice idea – I added the following to disable submit, but issue still exists :frowning:

disabled: when isUndefined(graph.number("i_{studentslope}")) or isUndefined(graph.number("i_{studentyint}")) true
otherwise false

building off your idea though, just thought of this for the button to increase the delay.

hidden: when table.cellHasFocus(1,1) true otherwise false
disabled: when table.cellHasFocus(1,1) true otherwise false

Appreciate the offer to look into the CL but I rather not rebuild entirely at this point. Let me know if you have any other workarounds!