Picture and Check Mark when correct


I am stuck with coding in a picture to appear when correct and trying to get a grey check mark on the teacher dashboard. I’ve been digging through examples to try to fix it with no luck! Screen 8 is where I need some support! Super appreciate any help!

Rotations Activity

Your correct sink should go in the graph, not the button (and remove readOnly:true). If you’re ever not sure, assume it should go where the student work is done.

I changed your graph here a little bit. You can paste the URL into an expression line in the graph to copy it in. Your correct check as is should work in the graph CL, but with the corrections I added to
the graph will let you use this instead:

correct: this.number(`C_{orrect}`)=0

Not sure where you whether you wanted a picture to appear in the graph or a separate media component. For in graph, you can add {C_orrect=0} next to almost any parameter for the image. I usually put it next to one of the center coordinates.

For a media component:

hidden: translate2.number(`C_{orrect}`)>0
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Thank you so much! I’m going to try these corrections and hopefully i can make it work!

I got the checkmark to appear, those changes were perfect. For the shape I’m not sure where to put the CL that you mentioned. I tried putting it in the origin spot, and as a separate line without success. I’m curious what step I’m missing!

For the media component, you would use CL. For the graph, that’s not CL it would be in the actual graph. Here, I edited the same graph:

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Perfect!! I was missing the braces around the Correct statement next to the origin of the shape in the graph.

Thank you for all your help! This will make such a big difference in making future activities as well

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