Moveable point got stuck behind "check it" button

My student dropped one of their moveable points behind the “check it” button, and there doesn’t seem to be a way for them (or me) to retrieve the point now, or reset the slide.

Screenshot is from the following activity, if anybody wants to reproduce the problem:

The only way I can think of to “fix” this is to create a new single session code for that student and have them redo the activity. Any other options? Or maybe this is something that needs to be fixed on the back end? I’m not a programmer, I wouldn’t know :slight_smile: Thanks for all you do!

Thats a tricky one. For future reference, restricting the slider so that the point can’t be slid under the button will avoid that.

For this situation, we might be able to help. Can you send an email to with as much detail - including a link to the activity and teacher dashboard - as possible? Our support team might be able to help you.