CL: Restrict Access to Cardsort?

We’ve created 1 card sort and slide2 to show correctness.
On slide 3, we want another card sort. BUT is there a way to require accuracy on sort1 before students can view sort3?

I’ve modified your activity.
Note the changes in graph2 - not having to modify the bounds. Place both images at the origin. I think it’s a little easier.
Then, in slide 3, the third matching is not visible until the first match is completed.

Thank you! I saw the “correct” sink on the CL documentation, but I never understood how it worked (other than as described how it shows a check on the teacher dashboard).

We’ve found the boundaries approach to be easy for some of our teachers to adapt “breakout” type activities. But having “correct” on 2 helps with 3.
I also didn’t know about the button ability on sort…so that’s wonderful to learn!

Ok, now I realize it’s in “Cover” not sort! So I’ll start looking at cover possibilities.

And I’m getting “matches key” confused with a variable you created called “correct”

thank you both so much for this thread. this is exactly what I’m looking for!