New to this - How do I get screens to show if students are correct?

Here is a link to my activity (copied and edited from another user).

I don’t know how to get slides to tell the students if they are correct. This would save me from calling students up to tell them which slides need corrections. Learning this CL might prove to be difficult for this old dog learning new tricks!

Slides 6-9 and 12-19 are either multiple choice or checkboxes.
Slides 21 and 23 are card sorts.


Any component where you do have an answer key, as you do for the card sorts, the checkboxes, and the multiple choice is automatically set to display as correct once the student input matches the answer key.

However, to display the checkmark, you need to include

readOnly: true

in the CL of every graph component.

I do have the answer key set up for the card sort, but it doesn’t tell the students if they are correct or not. I didn’t notice an “answer key” on the multiple choice/checkbox screens. I don’t even know where to find the CL code. I will be watching many youtube videos after work!!

You can copy the CL from these for card sorts. Just be sure to name your components.

Thank you. I’m attempting to copy code from another activity (the original one I copied and edited). It is saying that something is incorrect.

Here is what I copied:


when sort.matchesKey
“☆☆☆☆☆☆ Correct ☆☆☆☆☆☆”
“Match the graphs to their descriptions:”

I only changed the “match the graphs to their descriptions” since I changed many options on the card sort.

I will look at the activity you linked. Thank you!

i copied the code, but something is wrong because there are errors all over the place now. I’m sure it’s because your sort is different than mine (different options). I guess I’m going to have to watch many videos tonight to figure it out :frowning:

You probably needed to name the card sort component. I have put a activity together with your two card sorts. Card Sorts corrected • Activity Builder by Desmos

Multiple choice and checkboxes aren’t too difficult.

I would caution against automating card sort feedback unless you absolutely want students to 100% get it correct.

There are only three sources for card sorts:
matchesKey: true or false whether cards match the key (false if no key is defined)
totalCards: number of cards in the sort
**totalCorrectCards: looks at each group of cards (not singles), cards are correct if there are no mismatched cards in a group. There can be cards missing from a group, but can’t be cards incorrectly grouped.

The last used for feedback can be frustrating for students. Say there are 10 cards and they’re sorting into just two groups. If each group has 4 correct and 1 misplaced, totalCorrectCards will return 0 correct cards, whereas I would as a teacher consider it’s more around 80% correct.

I typically give feedback when 25% are correct, 50%, 75%, and 100%. I try and avoid a student getting immediate feedback after each match.

Right, but like the last scenario. I would deem that 80% correct, but there isn’t a way to get the CL to recognize that. I prefer to just track students. “Hey, Miguel. You’ve got 2 misplaced cards, but everything else is good.”

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Replace the quote marks. They copied out with ‘smart’ quotes, but deleting and retyping the quote marks did it for me.

How you structure the card sorts and when you give what kind of feedback to students can be a more important question than one might think at first glance, for the very reasons Daniel detailed. They work well when every card has only one correct match (1:1 pairs). When you have groups, it gets more challenging.

If you give students feedback after each match, they can “guess and check” their way through the groups by pulling one card out and seeing how that affects the total. Sometimes I’m okay with that process - it’s actually a decent logic building technique for younger students - but in that case the next screen has some kind of “what do you notice about each group?” question(s) to force them to think it through.

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