Multiple action buttons on one graph?

I am trying to build a graph with three action buttons located on the graph itself (start, stop, and reset) - is there a way to do this in Activity Builder so that all three are located on the graph, or will it only allow one?

If it will only allow one, does anyone have any ideas how I can find a workaround to have three action buttons on the same graph?


You can have multiple action buttons on a screen, but only one (the one directly under the graph) will sit on the graph. There are different possible workarounds. What I like best is using actions and tickers within the graph instead of action buttons. You can make a polygon a button, or any image you like. Then you can assign actions to those buttons. The ticker is useful for something that you want to happen continuously. This example shows how you can do this: 3 buttons • Activity Builder by Desmos

Let me know if you have questions.


This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

Great example, thank you so much!