Multiple Answers

How can I put a code for finding the roots where the answers are x = 2, -2, 3. I know how to put in 1 answer but not 3. Please advise. Thank you so much,

Do you want the answer entered as above? There may be a workaround, but you might be better off with multiple inputs or a table. Commas make some things difficult.

correct = (this.numericValue = 2 
        or this.numericValue = -2 
        or this.numericValue = 3)
   and not(this.numericValue = input1.numericValue 
        or this.numericValue = input2.numericValue)

The above would be appropriate for the third input. The “and” portion can be removed for the first input and reduced for the second input (i.e. remove the second input comparison).

Something similar can be done with a table.