Multiple Choice Error - Marking Correct

Help! I can’t find my error. “Unexpected end of tokens” on the last line. If I delete the last line, the error shows up on the new last line.

“and when” is not valid. Remove the "when"s. If you want multiple conditions, just chain "and"s.

You can also clean this up a bit:

content: when not(choice6.isSelected(1) or choice6.isSelected(2) or choice6.isSelected(3) or ...etc) "Please make a selection."
              when choice6.isSelected(2) and choice6.isSelected(5) and choice6.isSelected(7) and button6.timeSincePress>0 "Excellent "
             otherwise "Nope..."

If there is a submit button (instead of an action button), since it won’t let you submit without selecting something, for the first line you could use:

...when not(choice6.submitted) "Please make a selection."