Action Button that Checks Multiple Choice

I have been trying to build a slide that has a multiple choice question and a button “Submit your Answer” that, upon clicking the button, a note would display either correct/incorrect. I would also want them to be able to try again and be able to click the button again/have it reset. Is there a template slide like this someone would be willing to share, or CL code I could copy?


See slides 5 and 6. One doesn’t require submit button. The other does.

Oh thank you that is perfect!!! Slide 6 was exactly what I was looking for!!!

Also one more thing, on slide 6, I don’t see a button component in the builder view, but there is that submit button when in the preview! How did you get that submit button to appear?

The submit button is coming from the CL in the note:

when choice.submitted and choice.script.correct “\nGood answer”
when choice.submitted “\nWrong answer. Please try again.”
otherwise “”

Specifically the “submitted” part