Multiple Choice Responds Creates Table Content

I would like to make a scaffold for students such that when they select the parent function from the list, it automatically inserts the correct values into the table. (Shown below). I’m not sure how to do this, can someone help? Thanks!

Which parts of which table?

For example, if students choose that it is a square root function, I would like the table to populate the values for the parent function (columns 2 & 3).

They will then be able to edit the outermost columns with the function’s transformations.

Here’s a solution. Most of the work is happening in the graph (so less CL when-otherwise statements). You’ll need to define the four functions using whatever method you want, just recognize f(x) will be one of the four depending on the multiple choice selection.

There are also four lists of x values (you can use less if choices use the same possible x-values). Similar to f(x), list X is dependent on the multiple choice, and is used to populate the table. List Y is calculated using list X, and is used to populate the table as well.

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