Disable edit my response on Math Input

I’ve searched through the topics and haven’t seen what I am looking for.
Is there a way I can disable the edit response feature after they have the answer correct?
I’ve noticed that with this activity I’m trying to build that with the multiple math inputs I have, if they try to edit the second one it takes them back up to the first and my sketch component disappears until submitted again.
It may just be a product of me having too much going on in this one slide, lol.
Thanks to anyone who has any insight or takes the time to read :slight_smile:

Most common workaround is to have it hidden when submitted, and a note with the student answer hidden when it’s not.
In an input:

check= (put your correctness condition here)
correct: check
hidden: this.submitted

In note:

hidden: not(inputName.submitted)
content: "You entered: ${inputName.latex}"

Ahh okay, I didn’t even think about that.
Thank you so much!!

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