Counting Number of Correct Responses

I’ve put together a practice exam for my students with four levels of questions. Each level has a random number generator to produce new problems so that students can practice as many problems as they would like in each level. The last slide has how many problems they practiced in each level.

I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to also count/collect how many correct answers they have in each level on top of how many problems they completed?
  2. I tried to program the correct answer to show up as a note when they hit the submit button, but when you hit the “new problem” and it regenerates new numbers, the note stays and shows the new correct answer. Is it possible to get the note to go away when the action button is hit?

Here’s the activity:

Thank you in advance!

Screen 2 has been modified to show your requests. I was running low on time so there could be a bug, but it seemed to be working like it should. I would actually put the totals in a separate note that’s conditionally hidden to cut out some of the white space. Note that a student could attempt a problem several times before they get it right and it counts as different attempts.

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