Numeric Value of an Expression From Calculator into Note

I want the content of the note to show the numeric value of x_10 from the calculator (if I can do that directly, that would be best!!), but I can only get it to show 0

Here is a simplified version of my activity:

I think it’s multiplying x1 by 0. When your subscript is more than one character you have to use curly braces:


That worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

Can you do this with functions as well? I have a function h(x)=… in a graphing calculator component and I would like to reference it in the content of a note on another slide. Thank you.

Please see slides 4 and 5.

There are no sources for functions from graphs. If you had students enter a function in an input, you could reference that, but not from a graph component. I would consider moving away from the full screen graph to a graph, input, and button. You could define a variable, t_ime, in the CL that is set to the timeSincePress, then set your a_0 to t_ime-10. Define the function, h, using the CL, and set it to the student input.

You can still achieve what you want just not with a full screen graph.

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