Referening a calculated value

I have a desmos graph that I’m using in an activity. The graph is interactive such that someone can click on a point and drag it around on the graph. I also have a formula that does a calculation as the position of the point moves. I want to be able to reference this calculated value so that I can display it in a note sink.

To reference a number from a graph (in a string like the content sink):

content: " ${yourGraphName.number(`yourVariable`)}"

If your variable has a subscript with more than one character, make sure to use _{ }.

Hi Daniel, I may not have described my scenario very well. Can I send you a link to the activity? It might be easier if you could see what I’m actually talking about.

You can just share the link here. Yes.

(Also, I made a mistake. You didn’t need the script part. I corrected it in the previous post.)