One question that has 3 answers

I have a graph where students are to find the value(s) of x when given y. I cannot figure out how to code the answer when there are 3 answers (need all 3 to be correct). It is slide 10 of the activity Turtle Crossing. Thank you!

There’s really not an easy way to check three answers in one input. You could try to match latex, but you’d have to code 6 different orders, plus more if you want to account for extra spaces and whatnot.

Darn - any alternative suggestions?

A 3x1 table, perhaps? You could then assign a ‘score’ of 1, 2 and 4 to the three correct answers, and mark as correct if the overall sum is 7. (Or 1, 10 and 100, and mark correct on 111. Anything where the only way to have the correct total is to have exactly one of each of the values).

How is this workaround? [Screen 10]

To clarify, students use a button to request more answer spaces if they need them. Answers can be entered in any order - i.e. 2,5,7 will work just as well as 7,2,5… students get the note about correct or not after they enter all three answers.