Plot class ordered pairs from table

I am trying to have screen 2 show all the ordered pairs from screen 1 for the whole class. I tried copying/adjusting from another activity and it did not work. It will plot the student’s ordered pair, but not show the whole class.
Any advice? Or am I in over my head?
P.S. I am very new at this :slight_smile:

Right after I posted this I figured out my simple overlook!!! You can ignore this now :slight_smile:

Melissa, would you mind sharing your activity? This is similar to what I’m trying to do and the previous link you posted is broken.

Hi Anna. It appears as though I deleted the activity I posted about? And that was so long ago, I don’t remember what it was! If I come across it, or something similar, I will share. Sorry!

I may have spoken too soon… I think I found the original activity. Students enter an ordered pair on slide 3 and slide 4 will display all students’ ordered pairs on the graph.