Point Collector


I was playing the game “Point Collector” with my students to practice graphing two variable linear inequalities. I noticed that when a student excludes the “equal to” symbol when creating an inequality the graph displays a solid line (even through it is not collecting the points on the line). Is there a way to code this so that a dashed line shows up when they input < or >? Students are confused when we transition to other activities where we use dashed lines to represent excluded points on the boundary line. Thanks!

Hi! You can graph the boundary of an inequality by using simpleFunction with the differenceFunction for the inequality a student types in. Then you can have two copies of the boundary line, one solid and one dashed, that are toggled on and off using isStrict. Here is a copy of your activity with the changes added:

I believe each screen is updated, but it’s worth double checking! I hope this helps.

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