Reflecting sliders from graph into an inequality

I’m trying to give my students a way to see the connection between the graph they are creating and the input values. I have sliders for each of the quantities, but I would love to have some way of taking the graph values and displaying it, either in the graph itself, or in a note on the same slide. I feel like this should be pretty obvious but somehow I’m missing it.

And I’m realizing in the process that I mostly just know how to change what other people have written but I really haven’t learned to write it myself yet.

Here’s what I’ve got so far…

So if the student has chosen a=2, m=-3, and d=4, I would like to have an equation display that shows |2x+3|>4, in addition to graphing the inequality.

All help greatly appreciated!

I duplicated your first screen, so the second one shows the changes. I think I’ve incorporated what you wanted, but I’m not sure what you intended for the last screen. Would you prefer just shading on a number line, or did you really want regions shaded like you have?

This is wonderful! Thank you!

I think I would prefer shading on the number line, but I didn’t even know that was possible. Would you mind sharing how?

There is so much to learn!

I upgraded the activity at the link above. The 3rd screen contains shading on a number line. I kept your original colors, but I added a choice for equals. The width of the shading and size of endpoints can be adjusted if you would like them to be larger.

Thank you so much! I tried reloading my page, but I still can’t see any changes to

Is that the correct link?

I forgot to publish it. Argh. It should be there now. Sorry about that.

I see it now. Thank you so much for everything! This really helped my students make the connections they needed!