"Capture Dots" Sequence

What is the code sequence required for the input and graphing? How do I turn the student expression into an input so that the “dots” that the expression capture are shown with the rest of the group? I am trying to make an activity similar to “Point Collector”. The link to the activity is here. Point Collector • Activity Builder by Desmos

Is using sliders you can do everything in the graphing calculator:

Probably not exactly what you’re trying to do but the concept is still true for input.

If you plan on using an inequality range, currently you’ll need to use rawExpression which has been deprecated but is still available (very brittle, be careful). It’ll work like this graph:

If you’re only going to use an explicit function (of equality) there are much better methods. Likewise, there are methods for lines in all forms that could be of use to you.

Here is an example with a few methods you could use. Smash the copy and edit button to look inside!