Input Fields In a Graph

Is there a way to add a text/math input into a graph?

There is not. You can add text to sketches, which can have graph backgrounds. You can also use CL to take an input and use the content for a pointLabel in a graph.

It is a shame. There’s a lot that could be done with editable point labels of it were implemented.

How does one add the text/math inputs to the sketch pads? Would this allow students to enter text into a field that could be checked for correctness on the sketch pad?

Students can add text and math to sketches now (look at the preview to see the buttons available), but there is no CL related to it, and none you could preset. Any checking would have to be manual.

I was referring to actual input fields like in the curriculum samples. I understand that there is a text tool for students to use in the sketchpad. I was hoping that there was a way to make actual input fields that they can type into that allows for checking for correctness.

I think those are features that are not (yet?) available to the public.

could you link the activity? I suspect i know how they did this.

busy today, i’ll have a look at it later.
might be a custom component but it appears to be just a graph component at first glance.

edit: not so sure now, seems like there might be some custom features there. if i get time to look at it next week i’ll have a closer look. pretty sure the activity creator is here on this forum so he might chime in with more info!

Not a perfect work around but I have found that if you can copy a slide from an activity that contains one of those inputs you can duplicate it and change the locations to suit your purposes with a new background.

This is all in the graph element, not in the CL. I do not know how to use the CL to check the inputs.

Check out these two examples or copy them to adjust for your own needs:
Text input on a graph