Preinserted text in tables displays in italics

In the activity below, I have some tables with inserted text. However, that text is being interpreted as math and so shows in italics. Is there a way to get that text displayed as text? This issue is not critical to the functioning of the activity, just a minor annoyance.

Click on the triangle in the top right hand corner of each column and select “format as text”. You’ll have to go through your cells and put backticks around everything you want to be math.

Thank you for the quick response. I thought it was a simple fix.

What if we want our table to include a mixture of text and math? Using the fix above, we can either set as all text or all math.
Not sure if the pic I am attaching will work, but here are some things I would like to appear in the table:
“has a slope of 2/3”
“has a y-intercept of 6”
“is increasing”
The problem is if I format as math, the “int” in intercept turns an integral sign, and the “sin” in interpreted as the trig ratio sin

table text2

Still interested in the answer to my question, but found workarounds:
-for “intercept”, type “in tercept”, then remove the space
-for “is increasing”, change to “increases”.

If you set the column to “format as text” and set the content in the CL, using backticks around the parts you want to format as math, then it will display as you want.

cellContent(2,1): “has a `y-`intercept of `6`”

I’ve got the reverse question now. I have a column that needs to be numbers except for the entry (1,2). It would be nice to have that as text. I messed about some with latex commands $... \textrm {normal text}...$ but no luck so far.

I don’t think you can do the reverse. Just use backticks for all the numbers.

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