Pull equation from graph into note

I set up two movable points on a scatterplot on a graph and the line between the points. I want to pull the equation of the line students create with their two points into a note.

In the graph, the two draggable points are (x2,y2) and (x3,y3). I defined slope as m=(y2-y3)/(x2-x3) and the equation as y=m(x-x2)+y2. I want to pull this y= linear equation into the note.

What do I put in the CL of the note to do that?
Do I need some kind of CL or other coding in the expression list to do that?

Here’s an example. You can refer to numbers in the graph from the note component. That’s why I set it up to have b = y2 - mx2 and then graphing y = mx + b, so that you could refer both to m and b as individual values. Then you can build a latex string for the equation you want to display. graph to note • Activity Builder by Desmos