Passing Equations to and from Graph

Hi everyone, really new to all of this so sorry if this is obvious, or even obvious that it’s not possible.

I’m trying to setup a task for shading inequalities where students enter two points that lie on each of the equality lines → gets plotted on a graph → they use sketch function to indicate the side that should be shaded. All of that is fine, but I want to try add some checking but with out hard coding in the equations or validation.

What I would really like is to be able to duplicate the slide, write a list of 3/4 inequalities somewhere, then either have them passed to the graph panel to shade as feedback for the student (but possibly reversed so the desired region is unshaded) or compare the coordiantes of the point to the inequalities to give feed back.

The bit I’m stuck on at the moment is where can I write the inequalities so that I can pass them back and forth. I don’t seem to be able to use the notes as a source and Maths can’t be directly written into from the creation panel.

If I write then in the graph can I pull these out to use in a notes panel?
Or is it possible for me to define a string in one of the CL modules and pass it back and forth as a maths/latex expression?

Hopefully that makes some sense there is a simple answer, even if it is a no on all counts.

This might prove helpful:

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Thanks for that, only had a quick scan, but it look like what I need to get me going with all the checking.

I spent another hour tinkering and looking at the CL docs and think I have most of the other pieces, and I think that will help pull it all together.