Pulling information from an equation

Is there a way that I can pull specific information out of an equation that is not linear or have the ability to display all the different equations students type in on their own graph?

I found an example that uses the xyline command to pull the slope, y-int, x-int, etc. from the equation and aggregate the values into a list so the teacher could display all the different lines students made with a specific criteria (slope = 3).

I’m looking for something similar but with advanced functions, like a circle or ellipse.

There is not the same capability with other functions. There may be ways to calculate values depending on how complex your expected equations are, but there would be errors if students strayed from those parameters.

I did something like this calculating a, h, and k, in this activity to fool the calculator into taking function notation.

This is what I was afraid of - I was trying to come up with some “equations” that would simplify into the values I would want but thought something like xyline might already be created.

Guess I’ll leave this on the back burner for now unless I happen to find a bunch of free time to think about a solution.

That little activity does help with my initial starting point. Thanks for sharing.

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