Question about building an activity

Hi, I’m new to using CL. I am trying to build a mean/ median exploration where students create and edit dot plots, and the mean and median are calculated and then displayed for them, based on what they have entered.

So far I have the editable graph.

Could anyone offer advice on how to insert something that will show them the mean and median, based on what they have graphed?

Your link is blank. You need to publish it first. It’s only a draft right now.

(Mean/ Median Exploration • Activity Builder by Desmos)

Thank you, sorry about that. It’s just a single slide that I copied from another activity that lets them create a dot plot.

Here, anything I added is in it’s own folder:

You can obviously change the locations of the labels I added.
(Note: You can copy-paste this link into the graph if the above link is no longer available. I delete things to reduce my digital clutter. The only graph CL code is:
correct: graph8.number("I_c") = 1)

Amazing, thank you so much!