Referencing a Student's Multiple Choice Response Later

Hi! I am trying to reference a student’s answer to a two-choice multiple choice question. I do not know how to make the text that appears change based on their response and have it appear in the content of my note.

I successfully referenced their math input from the previous slide, but I also want to include their choice.

Here is what I have:
constant = X.numericValue

content: “On the previous screen, you picked ((this is where I want their choice to go)) and entered ${constant} as the constant of proportionality.”

Thanks for the help!

In the same note component, you can add this code, where choice is the name of the multiple choice component and three options are available:

selection = when choice.isSelected(1) "Option 1"
when choice.isSelected(2) "Option 2"
when choice.isSelected(3) "Option 3"
otherwise ""

Then you can put that variable in your content just like you did with ${constant}.


Got it!

M = X.numericValue

N = when C.isSelected(1) “Table A”
when C.isSelected(2) “Table B”
otherwise “”

content: “On the previous screen, you picked ${N} and entered ${M} as the constant of proportionality. On the graph, Table A is the red points, and Table B is the green points. Which graph looks like a proportional relationship?”


I’m working on something similar but with checkboxes. I wanted to create a final screen with all the students answers in one location. I have multiple screens with checkboxes.

Here is a shortened version of what I’m working on.


Doing something like this with the multi-select option is not fun. You will need to code a lot of combinations to catch all the options. This is a similar example that checks for correctness, but your intention will be much more code (63 options I think - I’m a bit rusty with probability calculations). Is there a way you can narrow down the choice options?