Multiple Choice option answer into a table

Second question of the day, sorry. I am trying to take the MC answer from a previous slide and put it into a table at the end so students can see which ones they got correct or incorrect. Trying to make some self paced lessons and activities during this time. Thank you in advance. I know how to check if it correct and display that answer, just not how to display the choice they made, kind of a display feature if you will. Thank you for all of your help in advance.

I would use variables for each choice text. Then, use


choiceContent(1): choice1
choiceContent(2): choice2

Then, access the variables instead of trying to directly access the MC.

Thank you for the the help, but I am still confused. Sorry. I tried to work it out, still struggling. Will work on this function more tomorrow. Fresh eyes.

So, in the multiple choice component (say MC1), set variables for the text you want to show for their choices.

choice1=“First text”
choice2=“Second text”

Just as you set the content for a note or table, you can do that for your multiple choice options. Here I set the content to display the text for the previous variables:

choiceContent(1): choice1
choiceContent(2): choice2

Later in a table you can set the content of the table to the variables:

cellContent(1,2): MC1.script.choice1
cellContent(2,2): MC1.script.choice2

Does that help?

It does somewhat, I was missing the part where I had to type in the Option Set by CL into the list of choices. What I am trying to do if possible is take the choice that they submitted and put that answer into a cell on a table.

the feedback which I can do is to mark it correct or incorrect.

I have tried to look for the answer, but realistically I am in short trying to do the following:

cellcontent(2,2); the submitted response.

It’s not a short solution, but… (still using the variables above)…

cellContent(2,2): when MC1.isSelected(whatever answer number is correct) “Correct!”

otherwise “Incorrect”

Not sure if it possible can I change the response to a variable then display the variable in table. I know this is alot of work for something so simple. But it is getting some views.

cellContent (1,2) h

the isSubmitted just outputs a true or false, not the answer that was submitted. Not sure what you mean by

I will post the activity when done, just got had a good chat with Jay about a fix.

Hi Scott, are you able to share the finished activity?