Removing an item from a list and using latex value in list

Two questions about lists.

  1. After an item is randomly selected, can that item be “deleted” making the list one item shorter.

  2. I want to use the actual “latex” value from the answer list, not the numerical value.

Here is the activity (Unfinished, but once I get the code, it will be simple to copy the second slide, and add items to the two lists)

I don’t know if it’s the most elegant way to do it, but I added in some code in your graph component that would let you remove an element from a list. Well, not really remove, but create a new list without that element. Let me know if it’s not clear. In terms of latex, lists unfortunately cannot hold latex. So I think you will need a workaround. For example, you might use a stack of when statements in CL where you hard code the latex strings, and pull from that based on which element from the list is picked (assuming that it is a fixed list, which I wasn’t sure about from your example).

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