Removing "select all that apply" text from checkboxes [Solved]

Hi everyone! I am using Desmos to give an assessment, and want to provide a checklist of steps to students who have that accommodation. I want the to use the checkboxes, but would like to remove the text that says “Select all that apply” since it doesn’t make sense in this context. How do I remove this or change it to say something else?

I’d say that a checkbox may not be the right tool for this.

Have you considered simply using a table that lists the steps or simply a note with an Ordered List?

I am looking for something interactive so students can physically check things off

You could replicate the behaviour by simply having n multiple choices, but again it’s probably not the right tool for what you’re really looking for.

Tables will represent the data better and you could get a checkmark type behaviour that mimics what you’re after with some coding, but checkboxes really aren’t the correct tool for your use-case.

I appreciate your input, but the checkboxes are the appropriate tool for my situation. I am providing a specific accommodation per a student’s IEP. I did end up finding the answer I was looking for, and it turns out it’s a pretty easy adjustment. I am just following up in case you or anyone else needs to do this in the future!

To change the default text above the checkboxes from “Select all that apply”, just use prompt: "(Text here)"

In my case, I just wanted to remove the text altogether so I used prompt: ""


Where did you put the prompt? I’m trying to remove the same text myself right now. Thanks!

It should go in the CL of the checkboxes.