Textbox as readOnly

As I read the many threads about the gray checkmark not showing up, I have found that it is usually a text box that is causing it. The text box which must be had graded gets in the way. Will Desmos please add a feature like readOnly for text boxes. I read the text boxes, but I would really like something more than a dot to tell me that the answer was correct. It often looks like the dot is there to tell me that something was written, but I still need to figure out which part. I don’t always need to do that.

Richard Punches


This has come up many times before, and I wholeheartedly agree with you.


Hi! @Jay I want to consign this feature request :relaxed:

Maybe add color to the X and checkmark? Make them gray if there’s a text input or sketch to review; make a red X or green check if none are present.

Or, instead of color, add the readOnly sink to text boxes so that they stay out of the checkmark computation like the other components.

I’d like to echo this same request! It would be helpful in so many contexts.

Any update on this? Would really like the students to put in text, have it not be graded, then they see what the correct answer is and self-assess via multiple choice “yes I got it right” or “no not quite”

Even the “explain their answer” part for the multiple choice should have a readonly feature…

It’s really unfortunate but I’ve resorted to using Sketch and allowing only textual input as a workaround.