Repeated Practice 2 Choice Self Check

I have looked for a repeated practice that uses a multiple choice format for check answer, but I can’t find one, and it is way too complex for me to create. At its simplest it would work like this IXL practice where the students select positive or negative to identify the sign of the sum: IXL | Integer addition rules | 7th grade math. I think I would be able to adapt it for all kinds of math skills practice for integers, slope, percent of change, proportional relationships, or even this IXL | Identify linear and nonlinear functions | 7th grade math, etc… the kind of 5 minute entry tasks all students are willing to engage in.
I will continue to think on it, but I hope to pique someone’s interest who might see an application for this with their own content. Or, please if you already know of one, can you link me the example? This has to have already been done, and I just couldn’t find it. Thank you!
Otherwise, I am thinking to adapt Jay Chow’s repeated integer practice with 2 action buttons, and if a condition is met for the expression like greater than 0, then action button number one is correct and gives feedback for correct, otherwise action button number button 2 gets the correct feedback. I don’t think it will for for Multiple Choice because that component needs to have a correct answer?
Repeated Practice 2 Choices • Activity Builder by Desmos

Slide 2 on this one with a workaround by Daniel Grubbs has randomized questions for multiple choice somehow. Can’t this be adapted for repeated practice with a “new problem” action button?

You will set this up the same way as you would with a math input, but you just have to check for the choice that was made instead of a numeric value. The one problem with this is that there is no way to reset a choice once it’s made. Here’s a basic working model of the integer sum problems. This is not perfect as I didn’t account for opposites showing up, but it will give you something to work with.


Oh my goodness, thank you!! My brain was starting to melt trying to combine the code from the other activities.