Reset Action Button with User Movement

I have an activity where students are moving a point on a graph then pressing an action button to watch it rotate.

Right now, the students can continue to move the point after the rotation happens, but I want the graph to reset as soon as they move the point.

I tried resetOnChange, but no luck.

I essential want something like:

resetOnChange: graph5.number(“u_1”)

So when that value is adjusted things reset.


I’m not sure what your movable point does in your graph specifically, but here changing the location of the square will reset the timer to 0

That did the trick thanks!

So was my problem not having the graph5.number(“u_1”) in quotes:

“${graph5.number(“u_1”)}” instead of graph5.number(“u_1”)

or did I need both u_1 and u_2 to complete the ordered pair?