What makes a graph reset from one slide to another?

I am working on Unit 7 Test Review: Practice on ordering rational numbers • Activity Builder by Desmos and must be missing something basic. I want my students to move points on number lines on the first slide and then get feedback based on that movement on the second slide (by changing the content). But, when students move from slide 1 to slide 2, it seems like the moveable points on the first slide get reset, and they are given feedback as if they never moved the points in the first place. When they go back to the first slide, the points are reset. What am I doing wrong?

They definitely seem to ‘stick’ for me. How are you testing this yourself? Are you previewing it as a student, or in the activity creator? (Not that it should really make a difference).

I previewed as a student, but they also reset when my students were doing the activity in class.

We had a bug on our end that should be fixed now. Can y’all confirm?

Double-check that the feedback on the second slide is based on the correct variables or expressions representing the positions of the movable points. Make sure you’re referencing the appropriate variables to provide feedback based on the students’ movements.