Reset graph on action movement only

I have a graph where students are pressing the action button to make a triangle rotate and reveal the new coordinates. I want them to be able to document these coordinates in a table, but when they click in a cell to type the graph resets.

I want the graph to reset when a movable point is adjusted or when the reset button is pressed which I have done, but is there a way to limit the reset to only these occurrences?

It might help if you could share your activity, so we can see how you are accomplishing your resetting.

Here is the slide I’m having trouble with


I think I got an example to work. I tried to recreate the situation when you originally posted this, so I don’t have any modifications to your work but I think you can add these changes to make yours work too. The reason the triangle disappears when you click in the table is the action timer is reset to zero. I was thinking that you need to capture the location of the image while also capturing the time so it doesn’t always reset to zero.

In this example, the triangle always rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise, so I set up the coordinates for that in the “Image Capture” folder after capturing the coordinates of the pre-image using the action button. I didn’t want that triangle to display until the animation was done, so I made a numberList that captured the previous times and added them to the current time. Since my animation is set to finish in 3 seconds, I checked to see if the times were divisible by 3. If it was divisible, then it displays.

Here’s my example. Let me know if I need to explain something else. I didn’t include the reset on change, but that should be the same as you had before.