Reset Dragable Table

I build a graph for students to use algebra tiles to help visualize solving equations. What I would like to do is to be able to “Reset” the graph to where it starts. I cannot figure out how to do this.

Slide 1 of this activity shows a workaround, but it’s not a reset, just 4 independent graphs.

Anyone know of a way to reset the table values?

I don’t think you can reset the graph. The example you have is not quite the same. The rotation is already defined, it’s not free movement. The image displaying or not is being effected by the number of times the button is pressed, and the time is effecting its location. You can’t do this with freely draggable points. (You could put a restriction for the images of the tiles, but the points would still show.)

So many questions…
Are you planning on using this in an activity? If so, you can just duplicate the page. If not, the students can close the calculator and reopen it. Are you collecting their work?

Actually, if using the graphing calculator by itself, if you refresh the page, it resets (mine did, anyway).

This is an idea I’ve tried many times with no luck. I think the only way you can reset the graph on a press is to make it full screen. The students can click on the gear icon and then press the reset button. I think being able access this button without a full-screen would be great! It could function kind of like how you can change random numbers on button press. Feature request, @Jay!