Reset SubmitCount

Resetting submitCount to 0. Can someone give an example of how to reset submitCount of a mathinput button back to zero.

I don’t think you can. What is the purpose of resetting the submitCount? There is probably a way to achieve what you want without it.

I made this activity. I would like to be able to press a button to play again instead of rereshing screen. I can reseed the random number chosen but not the number of guesses.

Can you share the activity instead of the student link? (Same place you find “Edit your activity”)

Here is the activity. I seemed to get it to work but probably not the best code:

You might consider getting your calculations done in a hidden graph. Little easier to work with lists than a slew of variables.

You also might consider a single function for a digit:

Thanks for your help. Seems to work. I need to learn more about lists