RNG and Checking Plotted Points

I can’t get a graph calculator to recognize student input that changes based on the RNG problem. I have tried to read a number of posts about this, and found one from Craig that given points I thought I could adapt. Is there a way to get the calculator to recognize values that change when the students hit the ‘new problem’ button? table to graph check • Activity Builder by Desmos
I have this in the Graph CL
And this in the calculator from Craigs activity with given points.

You can send an entire column of a table to the calculator as a numberList, which will reduce the amount of code you need. I also adjusted the bounds so that they adjust based on the input of the student so that all points are able to be graphed. I’m not positive that parts working 100% correctly because I didn’t get a chance to test out all cases, so watch out for that. I also tossed in a bunch of code so the points reset to the origin. The code is messy, so here’s an example that I used that’s much better to understand.

Here’s a copy of the activity.


This is perfect, thank you, thank you. I didn’t think about resetting the points to zero, that is so much better!