Selecting graphs to show in the dashboard

In the Desmos Live the other day a neat approach was shown where a graph was ONLY shown in the dashboard, it was hidden from the students. (It was used to see progress on a Challenge.)

I tried to make this happen using the “hidden:” sink. I could see the graph, but nothing that was on it. Ideas? To note: I only have labels on the graph I want to show in the dashboard.

The labels don’t show up in the dashboard display - I know because I tried this too :grin:. The Shira activity uses images to display on the dashboard, so I put together a simple counter (up to 99 right now) graph that uses images. I tested it out and it works well, just set the bounds from -6 to 6.

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Thanks. Re-wrote the CL to use images. A pain, but might be worth it.