Self-check based on graph defined variables

Hi All! I am trying to provide students with a self-check option at the end of this activity:

(This was an activity provided by my district that I am personalizing/enhancing)

Slide 14 and 19 are awesome - students drag a dot and place numbers on a number line. When they drag them all to the right place, an image appears. It looks like in the image’s properties in the graph editing area, the placement is based on internal variables set within the other graph equation lines (like a₂=9).

Is there a way to cite this in the CL? I want students to be able to see a green check mark on the last page like the other self-checks (also I’d like to have all the data in that one page too for ease of grading).

Thanks in advance!

It’s really just kind of an applied case of using restrictions and conditionals. You can write conditional statement in a graph in this form:

C= {distance(P_1,P_2)<=0.5:1,0}

The above for example is “If the distance between points P_1 and P_2 is <= 0.5 then C=1 otherwise C=0”. You could then put a restriction in one of the image’s parameters like the width. width=10 {C=1}. The width here would only be defined (and the image display) only if C=1.

You can do this with lists as well, then create totals. Without actually looking at the activity, that’s probably what they did to have the image appear after all points are placed correctly. The CL documentation is more for the function of different pieces of code, and not necessarily a guide to achieve certain goals. That said, that’s what this forum is for!

yes that’s how they designed the image to show up, but how do I cite that in the CL to create a self check? is that possible?

I think I have it doing what you want: [Copy of] Scientific Notation & Square Roots Practice! • Activity Builder by Desmos

I changed the full screen graphs into graphing calculator components so that you can work more reliably with the CL. I added in a variable called C that would equal 1 when the conditions are met. Then, you can access that variable in CL in order to set the correct sink or to make the checkmark appear in the table.

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This was exactly what I was looking for!!! THANK YOU!!!

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Sorry! Misunderstood, you meant for the dashboard.