185 - 5.c Lesson 4 - Practice • Activity Builder by Desmos

I have made the majority of the activity self checking for the students, but I cannot get the checkmark to come up in the dashboard. I would appreciate any help or tweaks needed for my CL.

You’ve done most of the work already. The conditions you made to give students feedback when it’s correct are what you need for the correct: sink in the component where the work happens.

For example, in slide 6, name the note where you have the feedback code. Then, in the EQ1 CL, add this:
correct: yourNoteName.script.correct

I personally prefer to put all of my correction conditions in the component where the work is, and then call on that in my notes to give feedback. (I also prefer to use check= instead of correct= , just so that people looking at my code don’t get the correct: sink confused with the correct= variable.

In general, you won’t get a checkmark if

  1. you have a text input or explain prompt
  2. you’re missing correct sinks or readOnly:true

readOnly: true just tells the dashboard not to consider a component when grading, and will override the correct: sink if both are present.
The correct: sink is a Boolean where you want your conditions for correctness.

Notes, text inputs, media, and buttons do not have correct: or readOnly: sinks.

Thank you so much! I am sure there are easier ways to code these but I am just beginning to work with CL.

Any thoughts on how I could “check” the graphs (Slides 1-5)?

I haven’t attempted to autocheck sketch components. In “Types” under “sketch”, there are some functions like xValuesAt() that might be useful, but I personally think it would be easier to use a graph with a line that can be adjusted by two moveable points. Much easier to autograde.

Here’s a graph you could copy/paste for slide 1.

You’d then want the following in your graph CL to autocheck, although C_2 is an alternative method for checking if you didn’t want the points to snap to grid, or you’re using more complex functions.

correct: this.number(`C_{orrect}`)=0

and in the sketch component:

readOnly: true