Self-Checking Math Input

What CL do I need in order to let student’s self-check this problem (in screenshot)? I have tried a few options I’ve found and haven’t been able to get any to work.

You can use a combo of a pattern and a value check: square root pattern • Activity Builder by Desmos

Thanks! That seems to only count the answer correct if students type the original problem (2sqrt3 - 6sqrt3). When they type the solution (-4sqrt3) it tells them “correct value, incorrect structure.” Is there a way to change this? I looked over the CL and can’t figure out what part I need to adjust to make that happen

I wasn’t sure what you wanted it to do so I included some options. If you look at the CL in the input box, there is a variable called structureCheck and another called valueCheck. Correct is true when both of these are true. You can change it so correct is true for only one of those things.

In the note CL, you can see how the different cases are used to give different messages. What do you want it to say if they enter the correct value but the incorrect structure? From your post, I thought you were saying you wanted them to enter it in that way.