Self Checking Proof

Hello Desmos Friends,
I came across some self checking proofs that are awesome! I copied them so I could try to learn how to make them on my own. I can’t figure out how to make the great job sticker pop up when the proof is completed correctly. I don’t see CL anywhere in the code. Any help is appreciated. Slide 5 is the example, slide 6 is my proof.
self checking proof

The feedback image in the graph. The height of the image is undefined unless the conditions of the solution are met. No CL needed.

As an alternative method of making these proof problems, I would suggest that you might want to use two side-by-side ordered list components on the same screen. You could add a success image that is hidden unless the ordered items are correct.


This is a great suggestion.

You could also have images that are draggable on a graph that only mark success when they’re centered at the correct points to be in order. It’s much more work though :laughing:

So I am trying to teach myself CL. It’s not going well, haha.

Serge, I don’t exactly understand the first part of your response. I do understand the ordered list. Is it possible to use the ordered lists with an image of the proof? I tried getting the image of just the top of the proof but I can’t get it to go all the way across.

SandiG, I’m totally lost on that😨

Not with an image. If you’re using @sergeballif’s suggestion you’d need to type out all the step/reasons in the ordered lists. There’s also the issue that they may put the givens in a different order so you’ll get false negatives from the check.

Here’s an example:

My suggestion does have some serious drawbacks. Ordered lists are not going to play nicely with smaller screens or different sized lines.

Here’s an alternative using a card sort.

To get an image, you could include a large card that is not meant to be grouped with other cards.

I figured it out!!! Thank you!!!