Self checking trig equations


I thought I had this activity working, it’s close, but not 100 percent. I don’t understand why only some of the equations are counted as correct using the CL that I have there. It works for certain values, but not all, even though the equations are equivalent.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Colleen,

Are you referring to the b value on screen 4?

It looks like you are able to type fractions or decimals in each input box except for the b value on screen 4. Rather than checking for latex form `\frac{1}{2}`, I set it to 0.5 and then was able to enter either .5, 0.5, or as a fraction, ½.

correctC = table.cellNumericValue(3,2) = `\frac{1}{2}`
correctC = table.cellNumericValue(3,2) = 0.5

I hope that helps. I am learning CL, so there may be other ways to resolve.