Set Latex on Reset?

I know these codes:
clearOnReset: true

But is there a way to make Reset go back to initialLatex instead of completely clearing?

If they submit x=5 and hit submit. THen reset, I’d like it to go back to “x=”

Something like resetLatex?

Great question / idea. I think that’s probably how all inputs should work if they have both initialLatex and clearOnReset - we’ll make that change (no guarantee on when, unfortunately…)

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Thanks Eric!
Similar conversation happening here:
I can see power in both a prefix and a reset command. I also see the power in them being able to backspace out the initial latex to “correct” a statement or something.
in other words, we are very excited about the potential of desmos and “we want it all!” :wink:

I see that this conversation is from a few years ago, but I was wondering the same thing. I have an activity with an intial latex input, and I would like it to reset to the intial latex when the button is pressed. Is that now possible?

It looks like resetOnChange and clearOnReset maintains the initialLatex now. Not sure what your button is, but this would reset on an action button press in the input CL:

resetOnChange: "${buttonName.pressCount}"