Sharing Normal Distribution Activity

Hi, I’m trying to learn CL. This is my first attempt at an activity. It is for a quantitative literacy math course (non-math majors) at a community college. I’m using it as a lab after the students have been taught the Empirical Rule and Normal Distribution with z-scores. It seemed to work well with my first class. I’m looking for idea/thoughts on ways to improve it for next semester. Thanks,

Thanks to DFier for help in coding the buttons on slide1

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Wow @James! That’s an impressive activity! It has a lot to teach me about the normal distribution and also some features of Desmos that I’ve not seen before.

I found it while looking for a way to create a random data set (in a numberList) conforming to a normal distribution. Any suggestions?

Update: Sorry, should have searched more. Found the answer to my question at:

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Thanks @Davy_B. Sorry for late reply. I just saw this. Glad you were able to answer your own question. I used the random and normaldist on slide1’s graph.